Wesam Eid


Dr. Eid worked in the fast retail industry at Al-Hokiar Fashion retail in Saudi Arabia. She also worked at a hospital in Saudi Arabia as a unit assistant. Dr. Eid moved to Japan in 2010 and lived there until 2019, where she earned a doctoral degree in the field of marketing from Kwansei Gakuin University and graduated from the university's MBA program.

Dr. Eid was also employed as a part-time lecturer at Doshisha University’s Department of Liberal Arts. In this role, she instructed a multicultural body of undergraduate students on the basics of marketing. The course covered different marketing theories and practices with a focus on Japanese marketing techniques.

Currently, Dr. Eid is employed as a Senior Market Research Analyst with Mitsubishi Corporation, where she is in charge of the marketing activities of the Isuzu brand in Saudi Arabia. She is also a member of the task force team at Mitsubishi, she is responsible for creating business plans and making recommendations to the General Manager of Saudi Arabia.

Dr, Eid has published three research articles in international journals and presented at international conferences. Dr. Eid's research focused on the topic of Muslim consumers, a four-billion consumer market. Her research examined the rise of Muslim tourism in Japan and the efforts of the Japanese government to address the needs of this demographic. Additionally, it addressed the specific requirements of Muslim consumers, their travel accommodations, and halal food needs. In addition, Dr. Eid is expanding her research to the field of digital marketing. She is working to publish an article that will focus on how social media affects Saudi Arabian consumers' purchasing behavior.